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    Data Center Security Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Solutions, Services, Data Center Size and End-user Verticals

    Data Center Security Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Solutions, Services, Data Center Size and End-user Verticals

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    • Publication Month Apr-17
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    With a rising need to centralize IT operations, organizations are extensively utilizing data centers. The tremendous increase in data has led to a significant increase in the number of data centers. In addition, there has been a prodigious increase in data traffic and cyber-crime, thereby leading to the demand of advanced security for these data centers. The technology that supports data center could also be used to hack company data with the purpose of deleting, modifying, and using data for immoral reasons. Thus, organizations concerned on data security are looking forward to a viable security option.


    The global market for data center security solutions is mainly divided into physical security solutions and logical security solutions. The global data center security market can also be segmented on the basis of services into security consulting services, professional services, and managed security services. The global data center security market can be further segmented in terms of data center size into small-sized data centers, medium-sized data centers, large-sized data centers, and others (mega data centers, portable data centers). The global data center security market is also segmented on the basis of end-user verticals into BFSI, IT & telecom, government, energy & utility, healthcare, retail and others (research and education, etc.). One of the basic measures of data center security includes adding security at each level of data center access, and at the same time making sure that enabling these security measures does not hamper scalability of the data center. Other steps may include to separate networks physically and install security at each end of it, and making access strictly with controlled environment.


    In order to grow, survive, compete, and increase productivity, organizations are extensively utilizing virtualization and cloud computing. Cloud-based facilities division has been the principal contributor to the managed services segment and hence to the general data center security market. Frequent attacks on data centers have fueled the growth of data center security market in the recent years. Hence, concerns related to the security of data has increased exponentially. However, lack of awareness among organizations about data center securities availability hinders the data center security market globally. In addition, high capex and opex involved with data center security solutions implementation further restricts the growth of this market particularly in case of small and medium data centers. However, the rapid growth in the developing countries in terms of IT is expected to create opportunities for market players. India and China, within Asia Pacific (APAC), are two biggest markets in terms of growth or economy and are expected to promise market players with a bankable income.


    Unpredictable weather has further been a major hindrance to data center security market. For instance, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and storms, can damage infrastructure including computers and data. Also, there are spammers, phishing attacks, and viruses that can even break sound security systems. Therefore, updating the security measures on an ongoing basis has been a challenge to the global data center security market players. However, companies, established or emerging, have come up with multi-level solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and automated identifiers to provide security to data centers globally, thereby taking care of unpredictable natural calamities and new types of logical security threat. Presently, North America leads the global data security market, followed by APAC.


    IBM Corporation, Cisco systems, Inc., MacAfee Pvt. Ltd., are among the key players in the global data center security market and have been continually involved in developing innovative solutions, strategies, and expanding their research and development competences to ensure solidity and safety to data centers Furthermore, the players are partnering with each other over their key strategies, in order to sustain and fight with anti-security agents,. Few other key players recognized globally within the data center security market include Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd., HP Development Company, L.P., Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., IBM Corp., McAfee, Inc., Dell, Inc., Juniper Networks, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Fortinet, Inc., Symantec Corporation and Siemens AG.

    1      Table of Contents

    1.1  List of Tables

    1.2  List of Figures


    2      Introduction

    2.1  TIP Research Report Guidance


    3      Key Takeaways


    4      Data Center Security Market Landscape

    4.1  Overview

    4.2  Definitions

    4.3  Value Chain Analysis


    5      Data Center Security Market – Key Industry Dynamics

    5.1  Key Market Drivers

    5.2  Key Market Restraints

    5.3  Key Market Opportunities

    5.4  Future Trends


    6      Data Center Security Market – Five Forces Analysis

    6.1  Overview

    6.2  Global Data Center Security Market – Five Forces Analysis


    7      Global Data Center Security Market Analysis

    7.1  Global Sales Revenue and Forecasts to 2025

    7.2  Global Data Center Security Market, Competitive Landscape

    7.2.1      Market Share or Market Positioning of Key Players, 2014


    8      Global Data Center Security Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Solutions

    8.1  Overview

    8.1.1      Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025

    8.2  Physical Security Solutions

    8.3  Logical Security Solutions


    9      Global Data Center Security Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Services

    9.1  Overview

    9.1.1      Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025

    9.2  Security Consulting Services

    9.3  Professional Security Services

    9.4  Managed Security Services


    10   Global Data Center Security Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Data Center Size

    10.1       Overview

    10.1.1   Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025

    10.2       Small-sized Data Centers

    10.3       Medium-sized Data Centers

    10.4       Large-sized Data Centers

    10.5       Others (Mega Data Centers, Portable Data Centers, etc.)


    11   Global Data Center Security Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – End-user Verticals

    11.1       Overview

    11.1.1   Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025

    11.2       BFSI

    11.3       IT & Telecom

    11.4       Government

    11.5       Energy & Utility

    11.6       Healthcare

    11.7       Retail

    11.8       Others (Research & Education, etc.)


    12   Global Data Center Security Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Geographical Analysis

    12.1       Overview

    12.1.1   Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025

    12.2       North America

    12.2.1   U.S.

    12.2.2   Canada

    12.2.3   Mexico

    12.3       Europe

    12.3.1   France

    12.3.2   Germany

    12.3.3   Italy

    12.3.4   Spain

    12.3.5   UK

    12.3.6   Rest of Europe

    12.4       Asia Pacific (APAC)

    12.4.1   Japan

    12.4.2   China

    12.4.3   India

    12.4.4   Australia

    12.4.5   Rest of APAC

    12.5       Middle East & Africa (MEA)

    12.5.1   Saudi Arabia

    12.5.2   UAE

    12.5.3   South Africa

    12.5.4   Rest of MEA

    12.6       South America (SAM)

    12.6.1   Brazil

    12.6.2   Rest of SAM


    13   Global Data Center Security Market, Key Company Profiles

    13.1       Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.

    13.1.1   Key Facts

    13.1.2   Business Description

    13.1.3   Financial Overview

    13.1.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.1.5   Key Developments

    13.2       HP Development Company, L.P.

    13.2.1   Key Facts

    13.2.2   Business Description

    13.2.3   Financial Overview

    13.2.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.2.5   Key Developments

    13.3       Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    13.3.1   Key Facts

    13.3.2   Business Description

    13.3.3   Financial Overview

    13.3.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.3.5   Key Developments

    13.4       Siemens AG

    13.4.1   Key Facts

    13.4.2   Business Description

    13.4.3   Financial Overview

    13.4.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.4.5   Key Developments

    13.5       IBM Corp.

    13.5.1   Key Facts

    13.5.2   Business Description

    13.5.3   Financial Overview

    13.5.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.5.5   Key Developments

    13.6       McAfee, Inc.

    13.6.1   Key Facts

    13.6.2   Business Description

    13.6.3   Financial Overview

    13.6.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.6.5   Key Developments

    13.7       Dell, Inc.

    13.7.1   Key Facts

    13.7.2   Business Description

    13.7.3   Financial Overview

    13.7.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.7.5   Key Developments

    13.8       Juniper Networks, Inc.

    13.8.1   Key Facts

    13.8.2   Business Description

    13.8.3   Financial Overview

    13.8.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.8.5   Key Developments

    13.9       Cisco Systems, Inc.

    13.9.1   Key Facts

    13.9.2   Business Description

    13.9.3   Financial Overview

    13.9.4   SWOT Analysis

    13.9.5   Key Developments

    13.10    Fortinet, Inc.

    13.10.1Key Facts

    13.10.2Business Description

    13.10.3Financial Overview

    13.10.4SWOT Analysis

    13.10.5Key Developments

    13.11    Symantec Corporation

    13.11.1Key Facts

    13.11.2Business Description

    13.11.3Financial Overview

    13.11.4SWOT Analysis

    13.11.5Key Developments


    14   Appendix

    14.1       About TIP

    14.2       Glossary of Terms

    14.3       Methodology

    14.3.1   Coverage

    14.3.2   Secondary Research

    14.3.3   Primary Research

    14.4       Contact Us

    14.5       Disclaimer

    Companies Mentioned


    - Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.

    - HP Development Company, L.P.

    - Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    - Siemens AG

    - IBM Corp.

    - McAfee, Inc.

    - Dell, Inc.

    - Juniper Networks, Inc.

    - Cisco Systems, Inc.

    - Fortinet, Inc.

    - Symantec Corporation

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