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    Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategies in 2017

    Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategies in 2017

    • Report Code ID: RW0001754163
    • Category Healthcare
    • No. of Pages 82
    • Publication Month Apr-17
    • Publisher Name CBR Pharma Insights
    Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategies in 2017


    Publisher's latest report, "Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategies in 2017" provides a comprehensive assessment of product lifecycle (LCM) management strategies that are being implemented by pharmaceutical companies around the world. The pharmaceutical industry remains highly competitive and lucrative, and companies are investing significant time and resources into implementing strategies aimed at preserving the revenue streams of their products by extending patent life, delaying competition or slowing the pace of revenue loss following the end of market exclusivity.

    The study, delivered in the form of an 82-slide PowerPoint presentation investigates a wide range of commercial, developmental, legal and regulatory strategies. This report format allows you to easily assemble high-quality presentations and research material to meet a variety of corporate requirements. Our research deep dives into the rationale for implementing LCM strategies, as well as the challenges, risks and commercial opportunities they represent. Moreover, detailed case studies showcasing recent real-world examples of LCM strategies will enable understanding of the key factors that determined their success. Information leveraged from our robust industry-leading database also highlights strategies being implemented for products currently in development.

    The pharmaceutical industry will continue to face a wide range of challenges in the coming years, including patent cliffs, declining productivity, intensifying levels of competition from generic and biosimilar manufacturers, low reimbursement levels and stricter regulatory policies. Careful LCM planning will continue to be a crucial element of the industry's ability to answer these problems.

    Publisher conducted extensive research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the LCM strategies being implemented by players in the pharmaceutical industry. This new report adds to our unique portfolio of trusted industry analyses that enable our clients to assess the most promising commercial areas in the market and exploit key business opportunities.


    - What is driving the need for effective LCM strategies in the pharmaceutical industry?
    - What are the most common LCM strategies being implemented?
    - What are the business opportunities and commercial rewards arising from the implementation of LCM strategies?
    - What are the key factors that impact the choice of LCM strategy?
    - What strategies have Big Pharma companies implemented in recent years to preserve revenues and market share?

    Key Reasons to Purchase

    This report will allow you to -
    - Gain insights into the rationale for implementing LCM strategies, alongside their key challenges, risks and potential benefits.
    - Understand the key challenges that the pharmaceutical industry has been facing in recent years
    - Assess real-world examples of successful strategies implemented in the past, and the key factors that determined their success.
    - Obtain information on strategies for products currently in development.
    Table of contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategies
    3.1 The Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle Curve
    3.2 Key Objectives of Life Cycle Management Strategies in the
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    3.3 What is Driving the Need for Effective Lifecycle Management
    Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry?
    3.4 Classification and Benefits of Different Lifecycle Management
    Strategies for Pharma
    3.5 Business Opportunities Created by LCM Strategies
    3.6 Factors Impacting Choice of Lifecycle Strategies
    4. Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management - Commercial Strategies
    4.1 Rx-to-OTC Switch as an LCM Strategy
    4.1.1 RX-to-OTC Switch Case Studies
    4.2 Geographical Expansion
    4.3 Contract Research Organizations Helping Overcome Industry Challenges
    4.3.1 Benefits from Partnering with Contract Development and
    Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs)
    4.3.2 Strategic Partnerships with CROs: Case studies
    4.4 Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies for LCM in Pharma
    4.4.1 Key Factors and Strategies to Consider when Making Pricing
    4.4.2 Common Pricing Strategies in Pharma
    4.4.3 A Systematic Value Development Plan to Achieve Optimum
    4.5 Customer Retention Programs as LCM Strategies for Pharma
    4.5.1 Role of Medical Publications in LCM Optimization
    4.6 Asset Transactions as an LCM Tactic
    4.6.1 Strategic Divestitures by Type and Recent Examples
    5. Regulatory and Legal Strategies
    5.1 Data Exclusivity
    5.2 Orphan Drug Exclusivity
    5.3 Pediatric exclusivity
    6. Developmental Strategies
    6.1 Introduction and Classification of Developmental Strategies
    6.2 Indication Expansion
    6.2.1 Key Consideration When Planning for Indication Expansion
    6.2.2 Indication Expansion Case Study
    6.3 Reformulation
    6.3.1 Next-Generation Products: Introduction and Key Strategic
    6.3.2 Types of Next-Generation Products Metabolites Chiral Switching Polymorphs
    6.3.3 Next-Generation Products: Case Study
    6.3.4 New Modes of Drug Delivery Dosage Form: Case study Route of Administration: Case Study Drug delivery technologies: Case Study
    6.4 Combination Drugs
    6.4.1 Combination Drugs: Case Study
    7. Successful LCM Strategies Employed by Big Pharma: Case Studies
    7.1 Pfizer
    7.2 AstraZeneca
    7.3 Teva
    7.4 AbbVie
    7.5 Roche & GSK
    7.6 Cipla
    7.7 Unsuccessful Implementation of LCM Strategies: Case Study
    8. Patent Expiry Dates of Bestselling Pharmaceuticals 2005-2016
    9. Life Cycle Management Strategies of Pipeline Products 2017
    9.1 Eisai
    9.2 Merck & Co
    9.3 Johnson & Johnson
    9.4 Takeda
    9.5 AbbVie
    10. Bibliography

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