A Global Executives Survey End User Experience and the Changing Face of Tourism

by Sameer Joshi or 01-May-2018

Companies involved in the Global Travel and Tourism Industry are increasingly engaged in providing tailored services and membership/loyalty schemes to attract business travellers. Comprehensive desk research was conducted across travel and tourism industry sources, with a focus on tracking the changing face of tourism, company’s approach towards catering the end user experience, as well as the dynamics of travel and tourism market and how it has been impacted by recent political and economic events.

According to 40% of respondents in Asia-Pacific, companies in the region work to attract business travellers with ‘membership/ loyalty schemes

Globally, 32% of travel and tourism industry executives expect an increase of 2% to 5.99% in the supplier prices of equipment during the next six months

Large companies are more likely to provide ‘tailored services’ and ‘mobile applications’ to attract business travellers

In total, 46% of executives from North America are most likely to provide both ‘tailored services’ and ‘mobile applications’ to accommodate leisure travellers

The majority of travel industry executives in the B2B market agreed that they use online platforms to communicate their business information, as well as for marketing purposes