Clean Technology in Defense Industry: Emerging Trends and Outlook

by Sameer Joshi or 30-Jun-2016

Publisher's Clean Technology in Defense Industry - Emerging Trends and Outlook examines executives opinion on areas targeted by organizations through clean technology implementation during 2016-2021. Organizations can know about growth drivers of clean technology during the next five years, prominent clean technology initiatives or projects initiated in the last 12 months and assess level of clean technology effect on defense industry during 2016-2021. Additionally, it provides information about investment outlook for renewable energy and waste management during 2016-2021 and covers cost saving targets owing to clean technology initiatives during 2016-2021. 


Ability to increase compliance with legislations and, enhance cost savings and operational efficiency will drive growth of clean technology during 2016-2021


- According to survey results, 61% and 54% of defense industry executives highlight compliance with legislation and, cost savings and operational efficiency, respectively, as key growth boosters for clean technology within their organizations over the next five years. With growing focus on improving adherence to new environmental standards and lower emission norms, organizations and governments are developing strategies to ensure adoption of clean technologies.

- As governments are restructuring policies which include decreasing subsidies on oil and other fossil fuels, and increasing the tariffs on energy consumption, organizations are turning towards clean technologies to minimize cost and boost efficiency in operations.

- In addition, 36% of respondents each indicate staying ahead of technological developments and strengthening competitive position among significant growth influencers for clean technology during 2016–2021.

- Results show that attracting/retaining staff will provide least positive support towards the growth of clean technology over the next five years.