Crude Oil, LNG, and LPG Tanker Industry Plans for Expansion with 12 Announcements in H1 2016

by Sameer Joshi or 18-Jul-2016

Publisher's latest report H1 2016 Oil Tanker, LNG Carrier, and LPG Tanker Outlook provides information on planned oil tankers, liquefied natural gas carriers and liquefied petroleum gas tankers across the world, including details of planned tankers proposed in H1 2016 and planned additions of all tankers in terms of deadweight tonnage and storage capacity.


Four new crude oil tankers were announced in the first half of 2016, with Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company announcing two, and Kyoei Tanker Company and Tsakos Energy Navigation announcing one each. In terms of planned oil tanker deadweight tonnage, Gener8 Maritime, Maran Tankers Management, and Tsakos Energy Navigation are the top three operators globally, with 3,319,000, 2,212,900 and 1,619,300 tonnes planned, respectively.


In terms of planned Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier storage capacity, the top three operators are Teekay LNG Partners with 3,460,000 cubic meters (m3), Mitsui OSK Lines with 3,032,934 m3, and Maran Gas Maritime with 2,256,000 m3.


Petredec, BW Group and Exmar LPG BVBA are the top three operators in the world in terms of planned Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanker storage capacity. The three operators are expected have planned carrier storage capacity of 610,800 m3, 336,000 m3 and 228,000 m3 respectively.


The report includes:


- Operator-wise planned additions of all tankers in terms of DWT and storage capacity

- Count of all planned crude oil tanker additions by type

- Count of all planned tanker additions by start year and shipyard

- Details of planned tankers proposed in H1 2016