Decoding the AI Ecosystem for Telecoms Value Chain, Players and Telco Opportunities

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Jul-2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with cloud, big data, and IoT, will be the key driver of the fourth industrial revolution enabling a multitude of use cases in several consumer and corporate areas, ranging from personalized services to improving business performance and agility. AI is enabled by key technologies of which conversational platforms and context-aware computing – all powered by machine learning (ML) and/or deep learning (DL) algorithms.

AI will drive automation and efficiency and power the fourth industrial revolution.
Telcos are lining up to harness AI in order to drive digital transformation, efficiency, & innovation.
From the data input to the AI platform & application, several components are required to deliver AI-powered use cases.
The AI ecosystem players’ map is characterized by a strong presence of the global public cloud players; Telco’s presence is emerging.

Publisher has identified four key areas in which AI can help telcos transform to more agile, intelligence-driven and customer-focused digital players:

(1) Networks Optimization & Operations Automation – e.g., SDN & NFV and predictive maintenance;
(2) AI-powered Products and Services – e.g., content discovery and smart security services;
(3) Smart Customer Interactions and Knowledge – e.g., AI personal assistants; and
(4) Potential New Revenue Streams – e.g., chatbots as a service.