Digital Landscape: Asthma Digital Activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for asthma

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Sep-2018

US Patients
Strong feature-rich branded sites for both inhaled and injectable asthma therapies in the US. Most 2017 activity seen in the injectable therapy space, with the launch of branded and unbranded sites by AstraZeneca following approval of Fasenra, as well as activity from other companies with existing severe / allergic asthma therapies. Overall, the pharma-sponsored social media and mobile app landscapes for US patients are underdeveloped.

Good brand support available for US HCPs in the asthma space from AstraZeneca, Teva and GSK. All new branded activity in 2017 was in the injectable space following approval of AstraZeneca’s Fasenra. Unbranded landscape is sparse with sites only detected for severe asthma from AstraZeneca and Sanofi / Regeneron. Social media activity is limited to corporate accounts and examples of good quality, pharma-sponsored mobile apps are lacking.

EUCAN Patients
Most companies have brand sites for EUCAN patients, mainly in Germany and the UK. Good examples of single-country unbranded asthma initiatives exist. Opportunity to develop multi-country, local-language campaigns integrated with social media to provide a sense of community to asthma patients. Good quality, country-specific mobile apps available for EUCAN patients. Activity seen in the smart inhaler space from AstraZeneca and Teva.

Boehringer Ingelheim offers the strongest branded and unbranded support for HCPs in EUCAN, and had the only new activity in 2017. Limited social media support available, with Chiesi providing the best example of a respiratory-focused social media page for HCPs. Pharma mobile app landscape is relatively active, particularly in Spain, with a focus on disease and inhaler information.