Digital Transformations and Emerging Technologies in the Healthcare Industry

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Sep-2018

Digital transformation generally refers to the utilization of emerging technologies to solve traditional problems. Instead of simply supporting traditional methods, digital transformation has the ability to lead to innovation in a business setting. The integration of a new technology across all business areas results in fundamental changes to its operations.

Key Findings

  • Over 50% of healthcare organizations have a formal digital transformation strategy
  • Customer engagement is the main purpose behind digital transformation in healthcare 
  • Insufficient funding and a lack of talent are hindering the uptake of emerging technologies
  • AI is expected to be a popular near-future investment by healthcare organizations

Report components include -

  • Scope of Digital Transformation Strategies - key objectives of digital strategy within the healthcare industry providing respondent mix by region, company size, and respondent seniority.
  • Challenges to Digital Transformation - key hindrances healthcare organizations face when implementing digital transformation providing respondent mix by region and company size.
  • Important Factors for Digital Transformation - key factors required to successfully implement digital transformation providing respondent mix by company size.
  • Uptake of Emerging Technologies - key emerging technologies being invested in by healthcare organizations providing respondent mix by region and company size.