Economic conditions are deemed to be more favorable in North America and Asia in H2 2016

by Sameer Joshi or 11-Jul-2016

Publisher's Telecom Industry Business Confidence Survey H2 2016 examines executives' opinion on the business environment over July 2016-December 2016. It also highlights existing economic conditions, supplier price variations, sales performance, industry and company growth outlook, spending patterns, and key priorities. Additionally, it provides information categorized by region and presents a comparison with H1 2016 (January 2016-June 2016) wherever applicable. 


Respondents feel that the overall business confidence index for H2 2016 (July 2016-December 2016) has remained constant compared to H1 2016 (January 2016-June 2016). Despite rising competition, growing pricing pressure, and cost containment within the telecom industry, companies are planning to increase their focus on improving operational efficiency and new product development, over the next six months.


Key Take-outs

- Global telecom industry H2 2016 survey results reveal that 38% of respondents think that the current economic conditions are unfavorable or very unfavorable.

- However, 39% of respondents view the current economic conditions to be stable, while 21% stated that the current economic conditions are either favorable or very favorable.

- Volatility in global financial markets due to the impact of Brexit, decelerating growth in China, political uncertainty in the US due to upcoming presidential elections in November 2016, and a slowdown in global trade and capital flows are identified as the critical factors affecting the respondents’ unfavorable opinion towards global economy.