Global Airport Construction Projects In-depth analysis and outlook of the project opportunities and planned investments

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Sep-2018

Publisher’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) is currently tracking airport construction projects globally with a total value of US$737.3 billion. Of this, US$212.0 billion is in the planning stage. Asia-Pacific accounts for the highest value with US$241.4 billion, followed by the Middle East and Africa with projects valuing US$196.4 billion. The Americas follow with projects with a value of US$153.7 billion and Europe has projects valued at US$145.8 billion. By country, the US heads up airport project investment with US$114.9 billion followed by China with projects valuing US$67.1 billion. The largest projects currently in the pipeline are the US$37.1 billion Al Maktoum International Airport in the UAE followed by the US$36.0 billion Istanbul New Airport in Turkey.

Key Highlights:

  • The highest value of projects are at the execution stage, with US$358.5 billion, followed by projects at the planning stage with US$212.1 billion.
  • The US leads the global project pipeline, with projects valued at US$114.9 billion, followed by China with US$67.1 billion.
  • Public investment is responsible for the funding of the highest proportion of projects, with 67%, with joint public/private funding at 26% and the remaining 7% of projects financed by private funding.
  • Assuming all projects tracked go ahead as planned, annual spending would reach US$105.5 billion in 2019.