Global Dermatology Market Set to Reach $33.7 Billion by 2022, Despite Patent Expiries

by Sameer Joshi or 31-May-2016

Publisher's latest report Global Dermatology Market to 2022 - Innovative Pipeline and Increasing Uptake of Biologics to Diversify Treatment Options and Drive Strong Growth provides analysis of the global dermatology treatment space, focusing specifically on atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, and psoriasis. It includes annualized market data from 2015 and forecast to 2022. 


While the approvals and patent expiries of products within a pharmaceutical market are the main driving force underlying market size volatility, and determine the annual cost of therapy and level of competition, an equally important factor is the size of the patient pool that is eligible to receive pharmacological treatment. Larger patient pools generally facilitate larger market sizes, with a key exception being orphan diseases, where special policy measures typically enable suitably large markets to be created in order to facilitate R&D activity. An analysis of prevalence trends in the key diseases for a market provides an understanding of how the overall market size will be affected by changes in patient pool sizes during the forecast period.


The prevalence of individual dermatological disorders varies substantially, from an estimated 40 million patients with rosacea worldwide to 146 million with psoriasis. Likewise, in the US the prevalence ranges from 3.2 million for vitiligo to 7.9 million for psoriasis. The prevalence of major dermatological disorders, both worldwide and in the US, is provided in the following table. Additionally, in subsequent sections, a prevalence forecast by year up to 2022 is provided for the seven major markets in each of the key diseases.


Key questions answered:


- Which molecular targets are most prominent within the pipeline?

- How do the key indications differ in terms of molecule type?

- How does the composition of the pipeline compare with that of the existing market?

- What mechanisms of action are most common for pipeline drugs?

- Which products will contribute to market growth most significantly, and which will achieve blockbuster status?

- Will the current market leaders retain their dominance over the forecast period, and how is their revenue share of the dermatology market set to change?

- What CAGR will these companies register in the forecast period?