Global Healthcare Construction Projects

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Dec-2018

With rising economic prosperity in emerging markets and aging populations in many advance economies, demand for healthcare services continues to grow. Rapid population and economic growth in Asia-Pacific, in particular, is creating the need and financial means to provide an efficient health service for the region. There remains huge potential for further investment in healthcare buildings in Asia-Pacific, given the relatively low levels of spending on healthcare currently in some of the largest countries in the region, such as China (healthcare spending as a proportion of GDP at just 5.5%) and India (4%). 

The Middle East and Africa region is implementing construction programs or health buildings. Mandatory health insurance is also being introduced in some Middle Eastern countries, which will increase private investment in healthcare facilities in the region. Europe's mature healthcare market is being driven by the aging population of 'baby boomers', which will require more primary healthcare and nursing facilities over the next three decades. Funding will come from the governments of major countries, and increasingly from private insurance schemes.     

Reasons to Buy:

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