Global Military Aviation MRO Market 2018-2028

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Jul-2018

Air platforms have always played critical roles for military forces worldwide both during wars as well as other operations. Advanced aircraft and rotorcraft have witnessed continual surge in demand by military forces over the past decades. The Global Military Aviation MRO market is anticipated to be driven by a consistent increase in the global military fleet, internal and external security threats, and technological innovations, aging military aircraft fleet worldwide, joint ventures and strategic alliances and modernization initiatives undertaken by Armed forces worldwide.

With the introduction of advanced fifth-generation fighter jets the individual component parts are becoming durable and lightweight. The newer component parts tend to be more complex in terms of control and sensing systems as compared to their traditional counterparts, thus driving the MRO component cost per unit.   

Deepti Aggarwal, Senior Defense Analyst at Publisher comments:

“With rapid advances in procurement of unmanned vehicles and advanced fighter jets, militaries worldwide are developing newer technological advancements in aircraft sub-systems thus driving aircraft upgrades. Few technological innovations explored in recent times include integration of EO/IR Sensors in Military Aircraft, development of counter-stealth technologies and the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence for enhanced situational awareness in aircraft. Russia and Saudi Arabia are anticipated to be significant investors towards the development of EO/IR Sensors, whereas, the US DoD is currently deploying artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality in its Military Aviation MRO projects.”