Global Military Land Vehicle Electronics (Vetronics) Market 2018-2028

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Jul-2018

The Armed Forces of all major global defense spenders are running procurement, upgrade, and refurbishment programs in order to develop robust vehicle electronics capabilities for war fighters. The vetronics systems are gaining importance in the military armored vehicle sector owning to the need to improve the promptness of attack as well as reduce the mission-completion time. With the military forces relying on ISR activities for every operation, it becomes necessary to shorten the time taken to complete the undertaken mission.

Deepanjana Deb, analyst at Publisher comments:

“In modern times, modularity has taken giant strides forward and emerged as a key trend in vetronics market. Driven by the need to swap mission modules based on individual mission requirements, armored vehicles are increasingly being built based on modular architectures."

Defense Forces also believe that technologically advanced vetronics systems not only decrease response time and increase efficiency, but also have the capability to act as a deterrent to aggressive forces planning an attack.