Identify key countries and their top companies within the defense industry

by Sameer Joshi or 10-May-2016

Publisher's Defense Industry - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights to 2021: Market Profile report series provide analysis on competitive benchmarking of top companies active across the key countries within the defense industry. It features insights into the recent activity and strategic initiatives of key public sector companies that support the industry. The information is divided into sections such as company overview, products and services and alliances, to give the reader an understanding of the business environment in which the defense industry operates.


Key highlights from few reports -


The Russian Defense Industry - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights to 2021: MarketProfile

Russian Defense sector is dominated by domestic firms, with no foreign presence

The Russian defense sector is saturated with domestic firms that cater to the majority of the Russian Armed Forces’ defense needs; therefore, entry for foreign defense companies is severely restricted, with governmental approval required. In addition, foreign firms are not allowed to establish ventures in order to manufacture defense goods in Russia, with foreign companies only permitted to hold a minority share in Russian defense firms, and they do not have the right to make decisions pertaining to the manufacture or sale of defense systems.


The UK Defense Industry - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights to 2021: Market Profile

UK Companies considered world-leaders in design and manufacturing of defense equipment

Traditionally, US companies have enjoyed a dominant position in the UK defense industry due to their close political and military alliance. Domestic companies also make up a significant share of the UK defense industry, and EU member countries are also given preference when procuring equipment from foreign companies. As the UK allows 100% FDI in its defense industry, many countries have established subsidiaries and acquired domestic firms. The UK has many companies, such as BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce, which are considered world-leaders in the design and manufacturing of defense equipment.


The Kazakh Defense Industry - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights to 2021: MarketProfile

Foreign suppliers manufacture defense systems overseas and deliver to Kazakhstan

The majority of Kazakhstan’s defense requirements for technologically advanced weapons are met through imports. The country has procured defense equipment from various companies such as Eurocopter and Russian Aircraft Corporation and has entered into alliances with foreign companies. Joint ventures and technology sharing agreements are expected in the coming years, which will augur well for the country’s domestic defense industry.


  • The Jordanian Defense Industry
  • The Lebanese Defense Industry
  • The German Defense Industry
  • The Qatari Defense Industry
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  • The Bangladeshi Defense Industry
  • The Russian Defense Industry
  • The Kazakh Defense Industry
  • The Egyptian Defense Industry
  • The Angolan Defense Industry
  • The Kuwaiti Defense Industry
  • The Moroccan Defense Industry
  • The Azerbaijani Defense Industry
  • The Yemeni Defense Industry


 These reports allow you to:           


  • Gain insight into the competitive landscape of the defense industry.
  • Identify top companies in each country's defense industry along with profiles of those companies.
  • Analyse the activity of key defense companies (both domestic and foreign), together with insights such as key alliances, strategic initiatives, and a brief financial analysis.