Innovation Scenarios in Sustainable Packaging Materials Winners & Losers as Packaging Markets become More Environmentally Friendly

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Apr-2018

Sustainable packaging has become a must-have
Publisher has identified four materials impacting innovation in sustainable packaging markets - Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact packaging has on the environment thanks to the wider media coverage

Sustainable packaging was once a niche that only a small minority of the consumers took a notice of.  As  a result, a small number of products boasted of how environmentally friendly their packaging was, and few consumers gave this  factor any importance when shopping. However, more consumers are now becoming aware of impact that packaging can have on the environment,  and as a result, ethical packaging is now becoming a “must have” quality when purchasing a product. This sudden interest in sustainability in recent years has been driven by more open discussion via social media,  and increased government lobbying resulting in action against plastics such as plastic bags.