Managed Security Services: Business Models

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Dec-2018

After being traditionally driven by large enterprises, the global managed security services market is seeing rising demand from small and medium companies that are experiencing an escalating threat environment. To effectively deliver these services, the right blend of personnel, technology, and processes must be in place-and with enough capacity to scale the security solutions in order to support the complex nature of today’s threat landscape.


  • MSS business models rely on two parameters:
  1. The service delivery approach and
  2. the service charging model.
  • Cloud based solutions are gaining traction in the MSS Market.
  • MSS charging model moving from large upfront costs (for equipment and implementation) to low or no initial cost.


This Global Outlook Report provides a comprehensive examination through forward-looking analysis of MSS markets trends in a concise analytical format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies -

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