New Era of Renewable Technology is Encouraging Good Levels of Adoption

by Sameer Joshi or 19-Apr-2018

Globally the power generation industry is changing and transforming as it adapts to a number of new conditions. Demand for energy is as strong as ever and only expected to grow, whilst at the same time countries want carbon emissions to drop substantially. How the industry meets this challenge remains one of the great technological problems of the next decade.


Key Highlights from the report -

Renewable adoption is strong, plenty of challenges remain however.
Nuclear power is making a resurgence, new technology is coming.
China is now a dominant factor in global energy production.
Liquefied Natural Gas is changing global power generation.


Renewable energy growth is very strong, but there are plenty of problems which might limit some of the technologies in future. Nuclear power is beginning to recover and there are some great opportunities on the horizon, but overall nuclear might be a difficult sell at present. China is now the leading player in most energy market types, its domestic decisions driving the direction of the world economy. LNG is booming as a cheap energy source that doesn’t require a pipeline, but just where does that fit into a low carbon energy system of the future.