New Service Station Concepts in the UK

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Aug-2018

Fuel companies are faced with the challenge of the Road to Zero strategy being implemented all across the United Kingdom (UK). This governmental plan is set to ban the sale of CO2 emitting cars and vans by the year 2040. Moreover, it sets progressive goals to increase the sales of zero-emitting vehicles progressively from 2030 onwards. This threatens service stations since for most of them, fuel sales are the major, if not only, source of revenue. To solve this problem fuel companies have embraced the coming era of electric vehicles (EV) and started investing heavily in charging stations and amenities that appeal to EV motorists while their vehicle is charged. But before that, companies need to help their customers’ shift the way they see service stations: from an obligatory stop for a fast transaction to a place customers want to visit to spend and enjoy their time.

Key take-outs frpm the report -

  • Service stations have fuel retail as a centerpiece of retail at their sites.
  • Ban on sales of new petrol/diesel cars is coming as soon as 2025 in some countries.
  • The number of EVs is growing.
  • Fuel companies will need to have established a new concept of service stations that do not rely on fuel before the date of the ban.
  • The key strategy is diversification of revenue streams.
  • Companies are investing heavily in improving the amenities at convenience stores and EV chargers to attract the new growing market.