New TrendSights Report Sterilized Society 2018

by Sameer Joshi or 19-Apr-2018

There is an escalating obsession with hygiene, cleanliness, and immunity among global consumers, as awareness of infectious disease, bacteria, viruses, and how those can interact with or be affected by consumer choices rises. Furthermore, the deepening connection between hygiene and health is creating opportunities to incorporate broader functionality into products to enhance the "wellness factor."

Rising health attentiveness – Consumers are increasingly health-conscious and take a more proactive approach to improving their health.

Increased access to information – Consumers are now connected to health information 24/7.

Fear and paranoia – Food safety scandals and disease outbreaks fuel fear and drive purchases of antiviral and antibacterial products.


Consumers most likely to drive the Sterilized Society trend:

Emerging consumers - Emerging markets face particular hygiene and health challenges.
Younger adults - These have grown up in a hygiene-obsessed age, making them more fearful of contaminants and germs.

Innovation implications:

Use packaging innovation to enhance external and internal protection - Packaging can serve to increase consumer confidence by maintaining hygiene both in terms of protecting against external contaminants and by increasing longevity.

Natural and related characteristics suggest safety, purity, and cleanliness - Consumers associate "natural," "organic," and "free-from" claims with safety and hygiene.
Target functional foods/drinks and personal care at consumer demands for strengthening immunity - Functional products can appeal to consumers' Sterilized Society needs by delivering protection from the inside.