Primary Research Group has published the research report: U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding, ISBN 978-157440-369-5

by Sameer Joshi or 06-Jan-2016

U.S. Federal Government Robotics Research Funding 82-page study looks at Federal spending on robotics detailing the activities and spending plans of key US agencies including but not limited to: NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the US Air Force, Sandia National Laboratory, the Department of Transportation, the National Institute of Standards, the Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Association, among others.  Specific chapters, most with detailed data on dollar volume of grants awarded to specific recipients, detail the robotics research policies and plans of the major US government agencies involved in robotics funding.  The study includes discussions of military robotics, medical robotics, automotive robotics, aerial robotics, agricultural robotics and many other fields.

The report presents detailed data on the volume of grants and contracts obtained by major US universities, university spin offs and, to a lesser extent, private contractors.  The study includes data on the robotics grants and contract of a broad range of US and foreign universities including but not limited to Carnegie Mellon, the University of California Davis, Vanderbilt University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Duke, the University of Minnesota, Oxford, the University of Alabama, the University of Washington, Stanford, Brown, Columbia and many other colleges and universities and private contractors.


The report helps its end readers to get a “tour of the horizon” of robotics research funding, helping them to understand which universities and private contractors are doing well in which fields of robotics and what is the funding outlook from key government funding agencies.

In addition to domestic institutions, the report also looks at the funding from US government sources received by companies and universities in Israel, South Korea, Chile, the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy and other countries.