Primary Research Group Inc. ( has published Public Library Plans for the Film & Video Collection, ISBN 978-157440-367-1

by Sameer Joshi or 04-Jan-2016

Public Library Plans for the Film & Video Collection study, based on data from 62 public libraries in the United States, presents data and commentary on the film & video collection and collection plans of public libraries in the USA.  Readers will find data on the size and growth rates of video collections, spending on film and video, the percentage of films and other videos that are donated or purchased used, the type and number of titles for which libraries maintain multiple copies, favorite CD’s, revenue data on income from overdue fines for film and video, earning from public screenings of films in the library (or outside the library but for the library) and much more.  The study also looks at current and future planned public library spending on streamed and downloaded video and use of key video suppliers such as Hulu, Library Ideas, Recorded Books, Amazon, OverDrive and others. It gives detailed data on the percentage of video spending accounted for by streamed and downloaded video in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  The study also looks at library offerings of video games and video based courses. 


Just a few of the study’s many findings are that:

The mean number of DVD’s and Blu-rays of films and other video resource in the library collection increased from 2014 to 2015 by more than 400 resource         items on average.

Slightly more than a mean of 31% of the films and other video resources in the library collections were given to the library for free.

Previously owned resources accounted for a mean of 2.67% of the video resources for public libraries with a service population of more than 18,500.

41.27% of libraries sampled still lend out films or other videos in VHS or Laserdisk formats.

The mean percentage of the library’s revenue from overdue items derived from films and other video resources was 16.27%.