Scooters Markets - Impact Analysis Growth from Aging Population

by Sameer Joshi or 18-Jul-2016

Publisher announces that it has published a new Impact study Scooters Medical Equipment Markets Market Share Analysis: Market Shares, Analysis, and Index, US, 2006 to Current. The 2016 study, in Excel file format, has 15 Excel worksheets to provide market share revenue, forecast, graphical presentation of the data, raw data, and strengths of challenges of each company profiled. Single snapshots of the market segment are available, or 4 quarterly updates are provided as part of the module pricing. The excel documents are flat files allowing the data to be used as desired by the client. A short presentation of the information is also provided.


Worldwide scooter markets have recently shifted dramatically. Vehicles are useful as personal vehicles in controlled settings, going beyond medical necessity to personal transport. Most vehicles are shared resources available at shopping settings, airports, and travel destination. Some scooters are still used for personal mobility in gated communities, and for local transport. Scooters can be paid for by Medicare or private insurance as users are usually not as mobile as they wished, but privately funded purchase and shared resource scooters are increasingly common in the scooter market.


The scooter market is at $152 million in 2015 are expected to grow to $332 million by 2022. Scooters provide mobility and freedom for exploration for the aging population.


Forecasts for 2014-2022 indicate the scooter market is expected to grow as the baby boomers age. The aging of the population is expected to change markets. Older people need more support for continued mobility through disability. Many baby boomers have significant resources available for them for leisure travel, but require assistance to travel the long distances between areas of interest. Much of the growth in the scooter market is based on increased sales in travel destinations which are available either free of charge, or for a small rental fee to attract older visitors.