The Future: Challenges and Opportunities Ingredient Insights: Digestive Health

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Aug-2018

"Ingredient Insights: Digestive Health", identifies on-trend and emerging ingredients to help food and drink manufacturers capitalize on demand for formulations addressing consumers' digestive health needs. Probiotics, prebiotics, and polyphenols are the three main groups of ingredients commonly used to enhance digestive health. Engaging and educating consumers will determine the market success of digestive health ingredients going forward.

  • Around three in five consumers globally say they are always or often influenced by a product's impact on their health and wellbeing when choosing food and soft drinks.
  • Consumers prefer food and drink formats to pills or powders when consuming health-enhancing ingredients.
  • Comprehensive information about the way ingredients are obtained and their method of influencing the human body should be provided in a simple but convincing manner to increase consumers' confidence when choosing products responding to certain health concerns.
  • Consumers in Europe and North America are less likely to be concerned about indigestion than Latin Americans those in Asia-Pacific.