The Future of the Telecoms Industry

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Jun-2018

How to Navigate in a Climate of Intense Disruption and Change

In this report our analysts have been examining the current state and potential future of the telecommunications industry. As a whole, times are difficult at the moment in the industry, with a great deal of confusion between the major players as to how to get through a period that has been fairly stale in growth terms.

Despite intense growth in internet usage, telecoms companies have been struggling to capitalise on this for multiple reasons, but not least because the growth of “over the top” services are eroding their customer base. New business models are forming, but at present it remains to be seen what future telecoms companies might look like.

Key take-outs, discussed in the report –

The telecoms business model is under threat

5G is perhaps not the boost that the telecoms industry needs

Merger and acquisition activity in telecoms forecast to change market landscape

Internet of Things to transform industry and consumer behaviors

Telecoms industry disruptors are approaching from all angles

Our analysts have put together this report which provides a complete picture of where the industry is right now and focusing on what the future of the industry might look like.


Key Questions Answered:

What are the big players doing in the telecoms industry to cope with static revenue problems?

Why is the industry suffering from issues of static revenues?

Will 5G and the internet of things give the industry a boost?

What players have a successful strategy at present?