Top Trends in Savory Snacks 2018 Exploring the potato chips savory biscuits/crackers, and any other savory snack categories

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Mar-2018

Our Top Trends in Savory Snacks 2018 report examines the key consumer behaviors which are shaping preferences within this space, and subsequently how this is translating into innovation and future opportunities.

Trends explored in the report:

  • Insect proteins - Consumers seek new types of protein other than whey- or plant-based. The popularity of protein diets is influencing the mass market and is now fostering opportunities for insect proteins as consumers show greater openness and experimental tendencies.
  • Product reformulation - Simplicity of ingredients is important in a time where consumers are sceptical about what they consume.
  • Transparency with smart technology - Consumers demand further reassurances regarding the food and drink they consume.
  • Carbohydrates are here to stay - Carbohydrates are often regarded as having a negative impact on health but consumers still eat this in savory snack format.
  • Colourful all around - Social media now plays a huge part in individual’s lives, and this means savory snacks can benefit from having “instaready” qualities that makes consumers want to share images.

 Snacking has slowly filled gaps left by the continuing erosion of traditional meal times over the years, and even though the purpose of snacking does not seem to have changed drastically over 2015 – 2017, consumers are now more interested in products that will be rewarding as main meal replacements or augments.