Understanding global trends within HNW Investment Preferences

by Sameer Joshi or 30-Mar-2016

Publisher’s “HNW Asset Allocation Trends” draws on our 2015 Global Wealth Managers Survey to analyze HNW asset allocation strategies in 20 key markets. In particular, it examines the drivers behind investment choices now and over the next 12 months. Draws on our proprietary 2015 Global Wealth Managers Survey to present consistent data across 20 markets.


Detailed analysis shows HNW investors have strong appetite for direct equity, local currency products, equity funds and direct property.


HNW investment preferences are driven by the interplay of factors such as macroeconomic and political conditions, risk preferences, demographic factors, and investor attitudes. Over the next 12 months we expect to see a reallocation of assets, which will benefit alternative investment holdings globally. At the same time, HNW investors are looking for cheap buying opportunities in the equity space. However, there are significant regional differences. Real estate features prominently in the typical HNW portfolio in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa, but falling or stagnating property prices are set to curb demand over the next 12 months. In Europe investors continue to favor equities while hoping indices bounce back, and US investors are forecast to channel their wealth into alternatives, which already constitute an above-average proportion of HNW portfolios.