Wealth in Singapore: HNW Investors 2018Wealth in Singapore: HNW Investors 2018

by Sameer Joshi or 01-May-2018

At 13.1%, the proportion of directors in Singapore who were women in 2017 was at roughly the same level as the proportion of HNW female investors, according to Diversity Action Committee Singapore. Offering dedicated services for female investors will become increasingly important, as efforts are underway to boost the number of high-earning female directors.   

Key Findings -
- Half of male HNW investors are older than 60, compared to 40% of female investors. This is high for the region.
- Singapore’s large expat population is transient, meaning wealth managers must be able to effectively convert them to offshore clients when they leave.
- Wealth managers that reach out to the expat segment with a one-stop service proposition will have an advantage over specialized boutiques.
- Offshore wealth is a crucial business line vulnerable to disruption from the rollout of CRS.
- Few providers currently offer impact investing, despite dramatic growth in demand from the next generation of investors.