Wealth in the UK - HNW Investors 2018

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Dec-2018

Succeeding in the UK's HNW market requires an understanding of evolving HNW demand patterns


The UK's wealth market is established and already home to a large number of international and local providers that offer a wide array of private banking products, providing HNW investors with relatively little incentive to offshore their fortunes and, indeed, attracting a great deal of foreign wealth. While the well-developed nature of the UK's wealth market has resulted in few new entrants targeting HNW investors over the past few years, its unique characteristics provide significant opportunities for wealth managers willing to seize them.   

GlobalData's "Wealth in the UK: HNW Investors 2018" report analyzes the investing preferences and portfolio allocation of British HNW investors. 

The Report: 

  • Profiles the average British HNW investor in terms of their demographics and looks at the expat opportunity in the UK.
  • Explores which wealth management mandates are preferred among UK HNW investors and how the demand will develop going forward.
  • Examines the allocation of British HNW investors' portfolios into different asset classes and how this is expected to develop in the future. 
  • Analyzes HNW investors' propensity to invest offshore, their preferred booking centers and asset classes, as well as the UK's standing as an offshore center.
  • Identifies wealth and investment management product and service demand among HNW investors in the UK. 

Reasons to Buy: 

  • Develop and enhance your client targeting strategies using our data on HNW profiles and sources of wealth.
  • Give your marketing strategies the edge required and capture new clients using insights from our data on HNW investors' preferences for the various styles of asset management. 
  • Tailor your investment product portfolio and service proposition to match current and future demand for different asset classes among HNW individuals.