Wearable Devices and mHealth How Consumer Devices are Impacting US Healthcare

by Sameer Joshi or 01-Mar-2018

How Consumer Devices are Impacting US Healthcare
Miniaturization of complex technologies has allowed their use in wearable devices. Processing, imaging and sensor technology have improved at a vast rate in recent years to accommodate the rise in smartphones, becoming sufficiently advanced, miniaturized and inexpensive that it can be worn discreetly on the body. In addition, the prevalence of smartphones allows wearables to operate partly as an extension of a users phone, enabling more complex functionality through mobile applications.

The potential market for healthcare wearables is vast, however vendors must convince consumers of their benefits to boost adoption by mainstream consumers. One wearable device in particular, the smartwatch, has achieved widespread adoption by consumers, with 12% of US adults owning a smartwatch in 2017. To grow as a healthcare device, companies must provide physicians with evidence of clinical value.