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    Construction in Kuwait

    Construction activity in Kuwait was weak in 2017, following the economic slowdown and low oil prices, which resulted in a deteriorating business environment. In addition, the government decreased its oil production capacity in 2017, in order to meet ...

    Wealth in China: HNW Investors 2018 The Maturing China Wealth Market Offers Plentiful Growth Potential

    Chinese HNW investors, who skew heavily towards entrepreneurial males across three industries, show strong demand for most forms of wealth advice and planning. A multi-service proposition underpinned by a proven ability to demonstrate returns will be...

    Future of the Vietnamese Defense Industry

    Vietnam’s military expenditure expected to be US$7.6 billion by 2023 The Vietnamese Government allocated US$5.4 billion towards military expenditure in 2018, of which 32.2% is earmarked for the procurement of defense equipment. The country’s def...

    The Insurance Industry in Indonesia

    Indonesian construction industry is expected to continue to grow over the forecast period (2018-2022). Government investments in transport infrastructure, energy and utilities construction and residential buildings will contribute to this growth. Mor...

    MasterCard Incorporated: Fintech Ecosystem

    Mastercard is transforming itself from a focus on plastic to digitally enabled payment processes and tools. It is actively supporting development in fintech through in-house labs and various incubator and accelerator programs. Mastercard has develope...

    Telco Service Portfolios and Positioning Strategies Mobile Financial Services in Africa and the Middle East MFS Operators are Creating In-House Solutions & Partnering with Traditional Financial Players

    Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in Africa and The Middle East are Still Continuing to Grow and Develop After more than a decade since MFS first made an initial impact on the wider market, their revenue growth still remains high in first-movers such ...

    The Insurance Industry in Cameroon

    The Cameroonian insurance industry is competitive, due to the presence of large foreign insurers such as Allianz, Axa, AIG and Saham Group. The higher technical underwriting ability and financial capacity of foreign insurers has led to the developmen...

    The Future of the Telecoms Industry

    How to Navigate in a Climate of Intense Disruption and Change In this report our analysts have been examining the current state and potential future of the telecommunications industry. As a whole, times are difficult at the moment in the industry, w...

    Thematic Research Report Big Data in Oil & Gas

    Digitization of the assets are undoubtedly proving to be a boon as they can assist the oil and gas (O&G) industry to extract high volumes of hydrocarbons by optimizing their limited resources, propelling the growth of digital oil fields. The IoT-enab...

    Construction in Romania

    Construction activity in Romania was weak throughout 2017, due to low investments in infrastructure projects on the back of political uncertainty and delayed structural reforms. Political instability affected investor confidence, with a lack of conse...
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